Famous cities in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt has been known throughout its history as a destination for many tourism lovers. However, the discovery of the Pharaonic monuments since the beginning of the last century has added a special charm to it, in addition to its unique religious and cultural monuments. Egypt also enjoys a central geographic location, a moderate climate in the summer and winter, and beautiful extended coastlines, and beaches filled with rare coral reef treasures.

Tourism in Egypt relies on the numerous monuments that resulted from the diversity of civilizations and their differences throughout the ages, including Pharaonic, Coptic, Roman, and Islamic civilizations. Additionally, Egypt overlooks the Red Sea on the east, which boasts crystal-clear waters, a variety of fish, and a winding coastline that has led to the emergence of many natural harbors. Egypt also offers many sports that attract sports enthusiasts, such as diving, golfing, and more.

Egypt is characterized by an abundance of tourist attractions of various types, including mosques, temples, museums, monuments, historical and artistic buildings, and vast gardens spread across its land. Additionally, Egypt has a strong infrastructure that serves the tourism sector in Egypt, including hotels, tourist resorts, and travel agencies.

The most important tourist cities in Egypt


Cairo is one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt, where the landmarks vary between archaeological, historical, natural, and modern places. In Cairo, you will find religious tourism landmarks through mosques, churches, and museums of religious nature, such as the Islamic and Coptic museums. You can also enjoy entertainment tourism through parks, international shopping centers, traditional markets, art centers, cinemas, and Nile cruises, as well as historical tourism by visiting the various museums.

Some of its most famous landmarks are the Pyramids, the Citadel of Salah al-Din, and many others. Cairo is known for its popular atmosphere and nightlife, where cafes and the corniche are filled with visitors who come to enjoy the Nile view in the evening.


Giza city is known as one of the tourism strongholds in Egypt, especially with its strong connection to the Pharaonic era. Most of the tourist attractions in Giza are closely related to the ancient Pharaonic civilization landmarks, in addition to the zoo which is a distinctive point for entertainment tourism in the city, with hundreds of animals brought from various parts of the world.


Alexandria is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt, as it boasts charming natural landmarks, as well as many distinctive archaeological sites that attract a large number of tourists from around the world throughout the year. Among the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria are the Corniche, the Library of Alexandria, museums, and gardens.

Alexandria is known as the second capital of Egypt and one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt in the Mediterranean basin, also known as the Bride of the Mediterranean. The lively city includes many important landmarks, as it houses Egypt’s largest port on the Mediterranean Sea and is filled with many tourist attractions in Egypt.

However, its coastal nature and its vast area, which made it the second Egyptian capital, did not only make it a destination for beach tourism. Alexandria is one of the most diverse tourist destinations in Egypt, as its landmarks vary between those of religious nature, historical and cultural ones, with a European touch. A visit to Alexandria is a must for anyone coming to Egypt for tourism.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations in Egypt, due to its many recreational areas and charming beaches, as well as many entertainment venues and distinctive accommodation options. Among the most important tourist attractions in Egypt are Sharm El-Sheikh, Naama Bay, Soho Square, Ras Mohammed, and others.

Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh is characterized by visiting the multiple natural reserves, practicing water sports such as diving, swimming, and surfing, and enjoying the Aqua Park, which is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt in general, and Sharm El-Sheikh in particular. It is suitable for family visits, children, and young people due to the enjoyable and diverse water games that provide you with a sense of adventure, in addition to the hotel services provided and the available Day use rooms for the visitors’ comfort.


Hurghada is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt, as the city enjoys a charming natural beauty and suitable recreational areas for individuals and families who come from within the country and from all over the world. The reasons for its strong attraction to tourists are due to the beauty of its beaches, the clarity and purity of its waters, which are filled with colorful coral reefs that capture the attention. Among the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt in Hurghada are Marina, El-Sakkala, El-Gouna, and Sahl Hasheesh.

Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh is famous for its charming beaches and is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in Egypt during the summer season, where thousands of tourists come to enjoy beach activities and relaxation. Among the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt in Marsa Matrouh are El-Gharam Beach, Cleopatra Beach, and Agiba Beach.


One of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, thanks to the huge number of monuments in the world through archaeological sites that include thousands of archaeological pieces. Tourism in Luxor is characterized as a pure Pharaonic cultural and historical tourism, as it is a city that emanates the scent of one of the oldest civilizations on earth.

The city of Luxor does not only attract culture and history enthusiasts for its enormous heritage, but at the same time it offers tourists many surprises, the most prominent of which are enjoyable Nile trips on the Nile River that divides it into two halves, and enjoying the most beautiful picturesque natural scenery. Additionally, hot air balloon rides offer the best view of the city from above, not to mention the famous horse carriage rides, the most common means of transportation in Luxor. Above all, the moderate winter climate has made Luxor a world-renowned winter resort that is unmatched.


If you are a fan of tranquility, rest assured that tourism in Aswan is one of the best tourist destinations for you, especially if you are coming from Cairo. In addition, it is one of the most important destinations for lovers of temples and historical monuments.

Tourism in Aswan is not only ancient monuments, but there are many important landmarks in Aswan. The bright sun of Aswan is considered the most important landmark of this charming city, where European tourists flock seeking warmth from the cold of their countries in the winter season. Aswan is also a destination for therapeutic and entertainment tourism, with its natural reserves, stunning landscapes, magnificent waterfalls, and the High Dam, a symbol of the struggle and success of the Egyptian people for development and prosperity.


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